How Brio Generated a 13.8x ROI by Partnering with Stimulate

Brio is a DTC personal care brand. From beard trimmers to sonic toothbrushes, they craft their superior products by integrating better components with state-of-the-art design. Brio pairs their unrivaled personal care tools with first-class service to create an unmatched customer experience for all.


When Brio came to us at the beginning of 2021, they were looking for a partner to fully manage and scale their email and SMS channels. After auditing their account, we spotted an opportunity to deliver a better subscriber experience and capture additional revenue with email and SMS flows. We also saw the potential for SMS campaigns to drive more revenue.


During the first 90 days of our engagement, we overhauled their email flows, resulting in a 103% increase in email flow revenue. We also optimized SMS sending cadence, which grew revenue attributed to SMS by 27%.


Increase in attributable email and SMS revenue within 90 days.


Lifetime ROI (January 2021 - present)


Increase in customer return rate during the first 90 days.

“Stimulate truly owns success metrics and the buck stops with them. I was struck early on by their level of commitment to overall company performance. Partnering with Stimulate is as close to having an in-house, full-time direct response function and one I feel can be fully trusted.”

Michel Sitruk
Director of Marketing
Brio Product Group

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